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Flowline Flange - ANSI x Thread

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Flowline designs, manufactures and markets the best level measurement and control instruments for your chemical, water, wastewater, oil and dry solid applications. We enable industrial manufacturers, chemical distributors, municipalities, and energy or food suppliers to safely and efficiently manage their contained liquid and solid assets. Our quality level solutions measure tank and silo inventories, automate containment processes, ensure workplace safety and protect the environment. Our customers are specifying engineers, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, facility operators, instrumentation engineers and maintenance decision makers. We understand your requirements, have a breadth of solutions and readily share our level expertise. Flowline products are manufactured in the United States under our ISO 9001 and ATEX quality management system, and sold and supported worldwide by our technical stocking distribution partners. Flowline is reliable level measurement.



1" x 1" NPT, PVC, schedule 80, 2" x 2" NPT, PVC, schedule 80, 3" x 3" NPT, PVC, schedule 80, 3" x 1.5" NPT, CPVC, schedule 80, 4" x 1.5" NPT, CPVC, schedule 80, 6" x 1.5" NPT, CPVC, schedule 80, 3" x 1.5" NPT, 316 stainless steel, 4" x 1.5" NPT, 316 stainless steel, 6" x 1.5" NPT, 316 stainless steel


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