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iSMA Lys og gardinkontroller

2x Special Input – dry contact
4x Digital Input – dry contact
2x Light output 230 V AC max. 4 A
1x Motor Output 230 V AC max. 1,5 A
1x Power Supply Output 24V DC max. 80 mA
Max. current for all the outputs is 8 A
ARM Cortex-M4
Interface RS485 half-duplex
Up to 128 devices on the bus
Protocols: Modbus
Baud rate: 2400 to 115200 bps
2x DALI interfaces (max 16 devices, integrated power supply with 40 mA current limit for each interface)
Up to 16 DALI ballasts per interface
Power supply:
230 V AC

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iSMA DALI kontroller med blind/shutter control

iSMA-B-2D1B has been built in order to control light and a blind/shutter motor in a single space in the building. The device is dedicated to control two separate DALI light areas with up to 32 DALI ballasts. Built-in two Special Inputs and two Digital Inputs are dedicated to connect presence detectors and light switches.


Dedicated DIP-switch allows to activate predefined inputs configuration. Straight out of box, the device allows for controlling the DALI ballasts by a common light switch and a common presence detector without the need of programming, which makes iSMA-B-2D1B the unique plug& play type device dedicated to DALI network control.


In addition, iSMA-B-2D1B has blind/shutter control function implemented, which allows to control a blind/shutter motor by a common double-switch. The controller is factory-equipped with the RS485 interface which is the physical layer for the most popular open communication protocol Modbus ASCII/RTU.



DALI Plug and play and ON OFF control modes

DALI Advanced control

Blinds control

Shutter control

BMS control





iSMA is produced by Global Control 5 (GC5). A Polish leader in hardware and software technology and one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe (according to the FT1000 ranking of 2020). GC5 designs and produces intelligent building automation management systems under its own brand iSMA (Intelligent Solution Managing Automation). The iSMA offer includes hybrid IoT controllers based on the Niagara Framework®, automation controllers, DDC controllers, fan coil controllers, HMI panels, I/O modules, management and supervision software and peripherals.


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